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Andrea has been making art since she was old enough to hold crayon.  Even when she became aware of structure, she always refused to color within the lines.  Her earliest fascination with abstract art as a young child was a trip through the Art Institute of Chicago where she accidentally wandered into a large space.  A painter in coveralls was flinging paint on large canvasses.  She was fascinated and silently watched him for hours.  Years later, in that same space, there hung the three large triptych paintings he worked on that day, now signed by Jackson Pollock.  Her experience at such a tender age watching Pollock work, implicitly gave her permission to paint kinetically and from the soul.  Throughout her many years of work she has steadfastly been informed by nature, color and movement.

Andrea’s work today particularly reflects her love of movement and color.  Her large abstracts are often described as having living motion and a universal calmness in color.


Andrea studied art at the Claremont Colleges and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and Psychology.  The Claremont Colleges’ Oxford system allowed a broad introduction to many modalities of expressive arts—Claremont Graduate School in Fine Art, Scripps Fine Art Department and Pitzer College, her home school.


She went on to get her Masters Degree in Clinical Art Therapy and Psychology from Loyola Marymount.


On most days now, she can be found painting in her large studio.


Her work is sold privately by appointment and is held in a number of collections across the country.  She has won juried competitions and has exhibited in the galleries at the Claremont Colleges.


Andrea can be contacted at 805-723-4433.  She lives on the Central Coast on a large acre of beautiful oak trees with her husband Bob, a poet, and their two beautiful Siberian Huskies.

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